İnterkron Consulting is foreign trading company that can access to all types of suitable products with most optimum prices through its representative offices in Far East,America and EU .

Wherever is the market of importer , the products required are provided under most suitable conditions. All import procedures of targeted market is carefully analysed,checked and products are delivered door to door. In this purpose , our America,Dubai, and Benelux offices complete all  these purchasing with most appropriate conditions. Health,Medical, as seen on tv goods,home accessories  and branded goods are our field of activities. According the importer wishes , distributor agreements are arranged and all necessary legal background are prepared for long term cooperation.


Interkron consulting that has very wide international marketing background share its wide knowledge with all kind of manufacturer which make their own brands  under international quality norms.

İnterkron creates all necessary strgategies in targeted market and marketing network is prepared under most suitable conditions .

Through representative offices , sales and marketing structures is  created and producer products are promoted in targeted market in most efficient way .
The marketing types used for producer companies is below as shown ,
-       Wholesale Marketing ,
-       E-commerce marketing ,
-       Door to door marketing
-       Chain stores and department stores sales,
-       TV marketing.
İf you are one of above mentioned producer and have your own brand with qulity production , you are kindly requested to contact us via email.


Production management  is one of most difficult task in business areas for today’s World 

The production management on international quality standards, using the most appropriate raw materials, all necessary researches for supplying the required raw materials, all the inspection and controls duration of production, setting the most right  factory and manage all procedures, adjusting perfect time management for delivery are the services required by import and wholesale companies all over the World.

Interkron Consulting provides the companies perfect production management services covering all above mentioned services through our representing offices in China .

We have many well- educated  staff working in these offices and all technical support is provided from production  starting to the end .

Besides China and Far East , we are also strong in Turkey in terms of production management services . We manage our production facilities and manage many producer supplier for creating our collection and support our customers production about their product line in Turkey

If your company need such as support , you are kindly requested to reach us by email.


INTERKRON CONSULTING, is a leading consulting company and providing export import consulting service to all companies those want to develop their business in realm of investing to new business projects and business areas internationally.

Besides doing investment to all projects prepared in company structure, İnterkron support all foreign trade companies in terms of their  project development, financial supports and international marketing all over the World.

Interkron creates new business opportunities and support all projects to be realized for all foreign trade companies all over the world .

Having meetings all companies regardless of sectors, İnterkron prepare a business share win to win based.

Whatever is your business Project, you are at the right place in order to be at international markets, to create business cooperations financially strong , investing business areas which is promising and long lasting globally .

Please contact us via our emails .






Interkron is a leading company, which is really very strong in the realm of international Logistic and warehousing management.
We complete all necessary procedures for bonded warehouse and establish a most effective system in order to deliver goods to your customer network.
We provide perfect consulting service to all companies around the world about the best using of banded warehouse, Partial shipment from bonded warehouse with different product groups, prepare all necessary shipment documents like , ATR ,T1 free shipment , shipment between two bonded warehouse, international trade of duty free goods, business and doing trade with all the world from these warehouses İn Dubai, Holland ,EU , Hong Kong , without completing any custom procedures and tax payment for one country.

İf you are interested doing trade with all world countries from a central point without conforming custom procedures, tax liability of one country and arrange partial shipment to your world customer,

Kindly inform us if you are interested for our professional service.


INTERKRON  provides  business consultancy service to companies those require to establish a company , investing those areas providing tax advantages and most suitable areas to manage international business activities .

Interkron provides all necessary business infrastructure for all procedures in establishing company , completing  all the procedures in terms of country law and accounting structure and  obtaining the most optimum management expenses .

You are kindly requested to contact us